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Product introduction

VC series is an ideal choice for those who have demanding requirements in speed sensitivity noise color reproduction dynamic range etc.

Product attributes
  • Time: 2018-12-17 16:18
  • Column: Bright Field Microscope Camera
  • Author: admin
Detailed introduction / Shows

VC series is an ideal choice for those who have demanding requirements in speed, sensitivity, noise, color reproduction, dynamic range, etc. Adopts CMOS chip of large target surface, its sensitivity can be comparable to that of CCD, enabling customers to get the ideal imaging effect in special environment such as fluorescence and dark field. In addition, the whole series can be equipped with new imaging software “Image Studio”. In this new software, some high-end functions such as multi-focus, image stitching have reached the level of imported paid software.

1. Low noise, high sensitivity. Low to 2.5e- read noise.
2. State of art level color reproduction, ΔE<3
3. 1Gb image cache ensures data transmission stability
4. Easy to learn and use

Model VC1200
Sensor Sony IMX226 
Sensor Size  1/1.7" 
Resolution  4000 ×3000 
Pixel Size  1.85µm ×1.85µm 
Exposure Time   50µs - 10s 
Exposure Mode Auto/Manual/Regional Exposure
Gain  1 x - 10 x 
White Balance Auto/Manual
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Color/Mono Color 
Binning Mode 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 
Frame Rate   20FPS@ 4000 ×3000 
40FPS@ 2000 ×1500 
70FPS@ 1328 ×1000 
A/D Transfer  12bit 
Built-in Image Cache  1Gb 
Read-out Noise  2.5e-
Full Well  12ke-
Dynamic Range  71db, 3500:1 
Quantum Efficiency  67%@536nm 
Image Format RAW / JPG / BMP / PNG 
Software Interface DirectShow / TWAIN 
Lens Mount  C-mount 
Data Interface  USB3.0 
Power Supply  USB3.0 Cable
Power Consumption <1.8W 
Dimension (LxWxH)  80mm x 62mm x 39mm 
Weight  300g
Software Matched Image Studio
Package Box, Camera, USB3.0 cable, CD

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