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Image Studio

Product introduction

Image Studio is a new developed micro-imaging software which is divided into biological and industrial versions.

Product attributes
  • Time: 2018-12-05 15:56
  • Column: Imaging software
  • Author: admin
Detailed introduction / Shows

Image Studio is a new developed micro-imaging software, which is divided into biological and industrial versions.The biological version focuses on image color and image quality, which support take images at research level.The industrial version is mainly used for measuring and other industrial applications.

Compared with VIMAGE, the new version of Image Studio has the following features:

1. Support auxiliary focus. Auxiliary focus is a reference function to help users determine whether the image focal length adjustment is the best.

2. Support capture images at research level. If you have high requirements for image quality and do not need a short time to take a large number of pictures, you can choose this function.

3. Support black balance. Similar to the white balance function, the background on the screen is displayed in black by mixing red, green and blue primary colors under the condition of no light.Under the condition of dark field imaging, black balance can reduce the noise when removing background fluorescence, and it is easier to get high quality fluorescence images.

4. Focus Stacking function is more powerful. 

VEZU IMAGER Specifications
Functions Type For Industrial Applications For Biological Applications
Image Capture Support: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF Support: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFFImage at research level
Support: single photo, multiple photo, snapshot Support: single photo, multiple photo
Record Support: AVIMP4 Support: AVIMP4
Measure Set: font size, underscore, color and thickness of measure icon Set: font size, underscore, color and thickness of measure icon
Support: Scaling Support: Scaling
Support: Insert time, date, scale, grid, cross-line Support: Insert time, date, scale, grid, cross-line
Tools: Moving, Positioning Coordinate, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, Arbitrary Distance, Multi-point Distance, Polygon, rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Three-point Definite Circle, Three-point Definite Arc, Point Distance, Center Distance, Center of Circle and Line, Center of Circle, Angle Measurement, Line Angle, Line Arrow, Text, Delete Tools: Moving, Positioning Coordinate, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, Arbitrary Distance, Multi-point Distance, Polygon, rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Three-point Definite Circle, Three-point Definite Arc, Point Distance, Center Distance, Center of Circle and Line, Center of Circle, Angle Measurement, Line Angle, Line Arrow, Text, Delete
Support: Output measurement data with measured image in .xls/.doc. Support: Output measurement data with measured image in .xls/.doc.
Camera Settings Support: Focus Assist Support: Focus Assist
Support: Vertical flip, Horizontal flip Support: Vertical flip, Horizontal flip
Support:  White Balance, Regional White Balance, Black Balance (mono camera) Support:  White Balance, Regional White Balance, Black Balance (mono camera)
Set:  Exposure; Gain Set:  Exposure; Gain
System Settings Set: Resolution Set: Resolution
Support: Chinese; Chinese (Taiwan); English Support: Chinese; Chinese (Taiwan); English
Factory Settings Set: Contrast, Saturation, Sharpening Set: Contrast, Saturation, Sharpening
Scene Choose: Metallographic (default), Microscopic, Microscopic Enhancement Scene Choose: Metallographic, Microscopic (default), Microscopic Enhancement
Support: Thermal Noise Elimination Support: Thermal Noise Elimination
Image Process Support: Shear, rotate, histogram, upside down, turn around, turn clockwise 90 ° C, anticlockwise turn 90 ° C. Support: Shear, rotate, histogram, upside down, turn around, turn clockwise 90 ° C, anticlockwise turn 90 ° C.
Image Overlay Set: Brightness, X/Y Coordinate Set: Brightness, X/Y Coordinate
Set: HIstogram Set: HIstogram
Set: RGB channel Set: RGB channel
Support: Overlay Support: Overlay
Focus Stacking (Paid) Support: Real-time Multiple Photo Support: Real-time Multiple Photo
Support: Focus Stacking Support: Focus Stacking

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