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Enterprise introduction

  • VEZU is a camera brand independently developed by OI-Smart.This brand was founded in 2012. After years of continuous development, it now has a stable and strong research and development team. This team continuously innovates and enriches the product series, and launches a series of new high-performance CCD/CMOS cameras with acceptable price for the application of life science and industrial research.The unique combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity of these cameras has won VEZU a good reputation and market share in the field of microapplications.
  • VEZU's core competence is deep cooling fluorescence imaging system, light/dark field imaging system and HDR microcamera.The TEC cooling mode, can reach 40 ° C below room temperature, and the independent capsule design can effectively prevent the fogging in the time of camera working in low temperature for a long time. Rearch-level color reproduction (Δ E < 3) satisfying the requirements of customers for perfect color fidelity.1Gb image cache makes data transmission more stable.
  • We remember that quality is the basis for the survival and development of VEZU and the reason why customers choose VEZU.Providing quality-assured products, services and solutions that meet or exceed customers' needs always is our commitment.
  • Quality policy:
  1. We communicate with each customer regularly.Understand customers' needs, respond quickly to customers' needs and achieve sustainable development.
  2. Through continuous training, enhance employees' enthusiasm and skills, and add value to customers and enterprises.
  3.  We continue to improve the quality of our products and processes to ensure compliance and effectiveness of the quality management system.
  4. Our uncompromising attitude to quality is ingrained in our culture and affects everything we do.
  • We welcome partners from all over the world who are interested in our products. We look forward to cooperating with you.